FD Full Form in Hindi | एफडी (FD) फुल फॉर्म

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Full Form of FD in Bank (FD Ka Full Form in Hindi): If you search “FD Full Form” on google, the result will be the fixed deposit. Investing a lump sum amount in the bank for a certain period is called a fixed deposit. In return, investors get a certain interest per year. So that their money keeps increasing timely, that’s why Fixed is also called term investment. 

However, a fixed deposit is not the only full name of FD. There are several meanings available in this text code. It all depends on the industry or categories. FD full name (fixed deposit) only refers to the banking sector. 

On the other hand, FD full name in computers is floppy diskette or floppy drive. This is a data storage medium in these electronic devices. So there are several meanings available on FD. This guide gives you a common full name of FD from different sectors.

Full Form of FD in Bank (FD Ka Full Form in Hindi)

FD Full Form In Banking

As mentioned, FD full form in banking is “Fixed Deposited (स्थाई जमा खाता)”. A lump sum amount is invested in banks for specific years. The investor gets compound interest per year. So their money keeps growing in the bank. 

There are several types of fixed deposits available for investors. So the followings are 

Standard FDs, Tax-saving FDs, Cumulative FDs, Senior citizen’s FD, etc. Fixed deposit assured the rate of interest per year. Besides, it also has easy liquidation facilities for investors.

However, the modern world prefers to invest in stocks rather than FD’s. HDFC Bank has the highest fixed deposit rate in India, 2.50% – 5.60% per annum. While the second highest interest giver is ICICI Bank for 2.50% – 5.50%. 

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FD Full Form in Computer

As mentioned, the floppy diskette or floppy drive is the full form of FD in computers. This is a data storage medium for desktops. Indeed, this is a thin, flexible, and magnetic data storage chip that records your computer data.

The disk can be removable from the computer. In simple terms, this is a magnetic data storage medium for the desktop. 

By using a redhead, the river collects data from the computer. Users can remove the drive and use it in the future. Similar to chips that are inserted in smartphones.

Lastly, the floppy disks were invented and made by IBM in 1971. Initially, the disk has a diameter of 8 inches. Now the floppy drive has a 3½-inches diameter that smoothly collected data. 

FD Full Form in Biology

Ferredoxins are the full name of FD in biology. This is a group of proteins that contain iron and sulfur. This compound carries electrons in nitrogen-fixing organisms and in anaerobic bacteria. So this is the mediator of electron transfer with iron and surfer clusters. 

These compounds are primarily involved in the photosynthesis process. In short, a process that is used by trees to generate energy and oxygen from CO2, water, and sunlight combination.

The term Ferredoxins was named by D.C. Wharton from an American company called DuPont Co. the symbol of this protein is Fer2.

FD Full Form in Society

FD full name in society is fathers day. A specific day when the world celebrates the contribution of fathers to their families. In short, honoring fatherhood and encouraging the contributions of fathers in society. This special day has been celebrated since the middle ages in June. President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the holiday to honor the father’s sacrifices in 1996.

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So these are the common “Full Form of FD in Bank (FD Ka Full Form in Hindi)”. As mentioned, the meaning of this text code depends on sectors or industries. There are different full forms and meanings available in FD. Some are called fixed deposits, Father’s Day, floppy disks, and more. So these are the details, thanks for your patience.

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