CPC Full Form in Hindi – सीपीसी का फुल फॉर्म क्या है।

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CPC Full Form in Law in Hindi, Medical Coding, Income Tax, Digital Marketing, Education, Chemistry, Police, Salary, Bank: There are different full forms available in this code name “CPC”.

In different industries, this code name is used for different purposes. For example, CPC full form in law is the Code of Civil Procedure. On the other hand, CPC full name in medical is Certified Professional Coder.

So the full form is different and aims to identify specific individuals or organizations. Below we give you the full form of CPC in various industries. Certified Professional Coder is also the full name of CPC in the pharmacy sector.

CPC Full Form in Law in Hindi, Medical Coding, Income Tax, Digital Marketing, Education, Chemistry, Police, Salary, Bank

CPC Full Form in Law

Code of Civil Procedure (सिविल प्रक्रिया संहिता) is the full form of CPC in the law industry. This is a procedural law and is also called remedial law by some jurisdictions. Indeed, this is a part of the administration of civil proceedings in India. Code of Civil Procedure is a certain part of Indian law and section.

This CPC followed certain methods, procedures, and practices in civil litigation. In short, the practices are followed in the civil courts in India. First established on 21st march 1908.

CPC Full Form in Medical Coding  

In medical coding, CPC refers to Certified Professional Coder. In medical coding, this is among the most popular certification programs. This exam is more helpful for those who are interested in outpatient clinics or physician’s offices.

Indeed, this is a profitable medical practice that helps to earn 20% extra salaries than non-certified professionals.

CPC Full Form in Income Tax

Central Processing Centre (सेंट्रल प्रोसेसिंग सेंटर – केंद्रीय प्रसंस्करण केंद्र) is a full form of CPC in the income tax department. This is a 

The specific section of the Indian income tax department. The main headquarters is located in Bangalore. These professionals are responsible for collecting all taxpayer data or collecting the primary processing of assessments.

All the income tax return files are processed online through the Central Processing Centre. After that, the income tax department issued taxpayer results following the intimation under section 143(1) act. 

CPC Full Form in Digital Marketing

The definition of CPC in digital marketing is the Cost Per Click (प्रति क्लिक मूल्य). This is a process of bidding that you select during the ad campaigns. In simple terms, digital marketers bid their price for each click on ads.

This concept is followed by google ads, bing, and Facebook ad campaigns also. The cost per click defines how much you should pay the provider for each click from the ad campaigns.

CCP Full Form in Education

In education, CCP refers to Certified Credit Professional (सर्टिफाइड क्रेडिट प्रोफेशनल). This curriculum program ensures selecting graduates are knowledgeable in credit management.

Indeed, this is a course to work in the credit management field where the primary goal is to grant credit to customers, recover payments and bills, etc. In short, managing all required information, dealing, and handling related to credit cards. CCP classes are also known as College Credit Plus classes that specific institutions offer. 

CCP Full Form Chemistry

Cubic Closed Packed” is the full form of CCP in chemistry. This code is also called face-centered cubic or FCC. This is a common chemical structure of metals. When atoms and octahedral voids add together, the chemical formula is structured and called CCP.

“Cubic Closed Packed” name comes due to their chemical structure. It means atoms are packed and closed together at the maximum level. Some scientists called it FCC due to its unit cells.

CPC Full Form in Police

Central Police Canteen is the CPC full name in the police. Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar is the official name of this department. This retail chain serves individuals belonging to Central Armed Police Forces.

It doesn’t matter if the policeman is active or retail, if the individual serves for central or different police forces, they will get the service with their families. The Ministry of Home Affairs is the owner of this department, which was established in 2006. 

CPC Full Form in Salary

Central Pay Commission is the full form of CPC in salary. This is a principle and structure of emoluments for all central government employees. You get the facility if you belong to any central government organization or work, including defense.

₹350,468 is the base salary that comes under the Central Pay Commission principle. In short, this is a pay commission issued by the central government. This facility includes bonuses, allowances, pay, and other benefits.

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CPC Full Form Bank

Central Processing Centres is the full form of CPC in banks. This is a department of the head post office where PLI/RPLI-related works are done. Indeed, the following banking service is followed to improve customer experience and multiply the process of those related banking tasks.

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