ACF Full Form | ACF Ka Full Form क्या है?

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ACF Full Form (ACF Ka Full Form) in Hindi | ACF Full Form in Forest Department, Medical, Salary, Water Treatment, GPSC, Health, Police, Statistics: If you search “ACF Full Form” on google, the result will be The assistant conservator of forests. This is a gazetted officer position in the government forest department.

These professionals are responsible for maintaining healthy forest culture in the state. Every state has an assistant conservator of forests department controlled by the state or central government.

However, assistant conservators of forests are not the only full form of ACF. There are many full names available in this text code. It depends on the industry or categories you are looking for.

For example, ACF full form medical refer to Aberrant Crypt Foci. These are clusters of abdominal tube lines Which are located in the lining of the colon and rectum spots. So the meaning or full name of ACF varies on categories or industries. Below we give you a variety of full names of ACF in different categories.

ACF Full Form (ACF Ka Full Form) in Hindi | ACF Full Form in Forest Department, Medical, Salary, Water Treatment, GPSC, Health, Police, Statistics

ACF Full Form in Forest Department

As mentioned, ACF full form in (Hindi) the forest department is The Assistant Conservator of Forests (सहायक वन संरक्षक). These gazetted officers work to maintain forest environments in the states.

For that, the officers conduct many tasks like monitoring trees, their growth, and condition, lining up, auctioning a few species, and other forest-related activities. 

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ACF Full Form in Police

The Assistant Conservator of the Forest is also the ACF full name of the police. Indeed, they are known as forest guards or police who work to avoid illegal activities in their responsible areas.

Everything is under the control of the state or central government. These gazetted officers also save forests from animals and parasites.

ACF Full Form Salary

Assistant Conservator of Forest’s salary depends on per post. It also varies on the state level and workload of the department. However, the per-level salary of ACF is Level 8 pay matrix 47600 – 151100. per band, the gazetted officers get Rs.9300/- to Rs.34800/-. While the grade pay rate is rs.4,800.

ACF Full Form GPSC 

Every state has its own assistant conservator of forest or ACF department. GPSC ACF, refers to the Gujarat Public Service commission’s assistant conservator of the forest department.

A total of 38 posts are available in this department, Gujrat 2022. Gujarat State Administration conducts recruitment examinations every year for assistant conservators of forest department posts.

ACF Full Form Medical 

Aberrant Crypt Foci (ACF) is the ACF full name in medical. These clusters of irregular tube-like grants are primarily available in the lining of the colon and rectum.

Also, Health experts say these are beginning symptoms of cancer in the human body. Aberrant crypt foci occur during the early stage of dysplasia (abnormal cells in tissues or organs). That’s why ACF full name in health is Aberrant Crypt Foci.

However, developing these abnormal cells doesn’t mean you have cancer. Still, it can be a strong symptom of the following diseases. This is among the most severe health issues.

ACF Full Form in Water Treatment

Activated Carbon Filter is the ACF full name in water treatment. “Activated Carbon Filter” is a dedicated filtration technology mostly used in removing organic chemicals from water.

In this process, the technology used activated carbon that removes odor, color, chlorine, and total organic carbon from the fluid. For that absorption process followed in the filtration. Activated Carbon Filter is also the ACF full name in STP.

Also, The Activated Carbon Filter process works on the principle of absorption. It helps to remove pollutant molecules from the fluid.

ACF Full Form in Statistics

The Auto-Correlation Function is the ACF’s full name in statistics. It works to display how current data points in time series are related to their past values.

Also, These statistics show the serial correlation of data that changes timely. There are calculated formulas available to drive auto-correlation function statistics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

So below are the most asked questions related to the topic. Dropdown to get a quick answer about the full form of ACF. 

What is the job of ACF?

ACF jobs refer to The assistant conservator of forests. This state or central government job manages the forest environment daily. The pay rate and salaries are suitable for most employees.

Is ACF a gazetted officer?

Yes ACF or assistant conservator of forests is a gazetted officer of the department. Many people also called them forest police or guides. They have many responsibilities to care for trees, plants, animals, and other forest environments.

How do I become ACF?

Two ways you became an assistant conservator of the forests department. The followings are direct entry by the rank or benign promotion to the position by the first range department.

What is the meaning of ACF forest department?

Assistant conservator of forests is the actual meaning of the ACF forest department. This is a gazetted officer position in the forest department, state, or central government. These professionals get trained in forestry and related subjects before joining.

Does ACF have a Uniform?

During training, Assistant conservators of forests need to wear a combat uniform. After joining, these gazetted officers also get a department vehicle with a driver.

What is ACF post?

ACF is a post of Assistant conservators of the forests department. This is a state or central government-controlled agency. An ACF professional is known as a gazetted officer. 

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So this is the detailed guide to “ACF Ka Full Form in Hindi | ACF Full Form in Forest Department, Medical, Salary, Water Treatment, GPSC, Health, Police, Statistics”. Generally, ACF refers to Assistant conservators of forests and gazetted officers responsible for maintaining a healthy forest environment.

However, there are many ACF full names available based on industries. So that’s all for today.

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